Attending an Alpenglow clinic during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation

Alpenglow Australia continues to provide trusted analysis, excellence and compassionate care to our patients during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis with an unwavering commitment. We continue to participate in daily consultation with the Department of Health (Australian Government) and local health authorities to ensure we follow their advice and guidance in maintaining the highest level of safety and quality for our patients and staff.

Please be assured we have industry-leading infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) management in place, in order to care for our patients to the highest standards so that risks of any infection or transmission of COVID-19 can be minimised.

In addition to our standard infection control measures Alpenglow Australia are:

  • Pre-screening all patients prior to making a booking for any suspected symptoms.
  • Managing appointments in a flexible manner to minimise the number of patients in our clinics at any given time.
  • Triaging all patients on arrival to our clinics for suspected symptoms.
  • Employing isolation areas to separate potentially infectious patients from non-infectious patients in all of our clinics.
  • Making disinfectant sanitising gel available to all patients, staff and visitors entering our clinics.
  • QR code check in for every clinic. Helping make contact tracing faster, more reliable and complete.
  • Removing magazines and excess paperwork from all clinic waiting rooms.
  • Undertaking regular and scheduled cleaning and disinfection of all exam rooms with more frequent focus on common touch points throughout the day.
  • We are urging both our referrers and patients to utilise our filmless patient and referrer portals for image access at this time so that printed film handling can be avoided and post imaging waiting times in our clinics can be reduced.
  • We are reducing opportunities for transfer of hand to hand contamination and will no longer accept cash payments.

In addition, we have instructed staff, who themselves or whose immediate family, show any signs of illness to advise us accordingly and not attend work.

Attending your appointment

The latest government guidelines promote social distancing in the community. Although we know these measures aren’t enforced within healthcare settings, we are proactively encouraging and implementing a social distancing rule for patient care and staff alike. This means that we are reducing unnecessary movement by only allowing two visitors per patient and core staff to enter our clinic.

If you have any of the below, we ask you please contact us via phone on (02) 9249 4000 prior to making a booking or visiting one of our clinics.

A fever or night sweats

If you have travelled overseas in the last month

A cough

Have been identified as being in close contact with a person confirmed of COVID-19

A sore throat

Have yourself been suspected or tested for having COVID-19

Shortness of breath

Should you have any specific queries about one of our clinics, please call one of our friendly team on (02) 9249 4000