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Regional Imaging Services offered at Alpenglow

Below are the service categories we work within inside regional New South Wales and Queensland. Whether you are a patient, specialist, GP or health professional, our trusted and experienced team are here to help.

X-Ray (Radiography)

X-rays are low wavelength radiation which can penetrate tissues to create shadow type images of the body.

They are simple, quick and effective. X-Ray is often used when people need imaging of body regions such as the chest, joints and bones.

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CT Scan (Computed Tomography)

CT machines use rotating x-ray beams and powerful computing to make slice-like and 3D pictures of the body.

Our state of the art CT scanners produce high definition images with low patient radiation dose. CT scans are used when people need investigation of brain, chest, abdominal and spinal pathology.

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Ultrasound is a medical imaging test that uses very high frequency sound waves to examine the internal organs of the body.

These sound waves are transmitted through the body and the waves that are returned to the transducer then form an image on a computer screen. Ultrasound is used widely to examine many parts of the body, including the liver, kidneys, pelvis, blood vessels, shoulders and ankles and is used extensively in pregnancy to examine the baby.

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DEXA is a common and accurate test which uses x-rays of two different energy levels to measure and determine bone density.

Very low doses of radiation are used. DEXA is used when people have osteoporosis.

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Mammography is a fine detailed examination of the breasts using a specialised X-Ray unit.

The unit designed to compress the breast tissue to assist in positioning and reduce the radiation used to create the image. The radiographers performing mammography have had specialised training in the area and the mammography unit has to meet stringent quality controls.

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We make accessing patient results and images convenient with our secure online service. If you are a referring practitioner requiring access to the Alpenglow PACS, please apply for an account.

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Excellence in
Regional Imaging Services

Locations across Regional Queensland and New South Wales

Alpenglow is a multi-disciplinary team, with experienced Sonographers and Radiographers using the latest high end Multislice CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray and where available OPG, Mammography and Bone Mineral Densitometry (DEXA) equipment.

You can rely on us for prompt patient appointments, fast report turnaround, patient walk-in appointments same day, accurate Radiologist reporting and friendly helpful staff.

Education is key to successful imaging

We commit ourselves to continued education both for doctors in the rural areas our sites encompass as well as the professional development of our staff.  

Our specialist radiologists are also committed to maintaining excellent lines of communication with our referring doctors. We feel it is critical to provide an open platform between radiologists and referrers to ensure the best possible patient care is achieved and to aid in the patients’ management.

Results at your fingertips

Timely access to images and reports no matter what the time of day is now key to optimal patient care. Along with high quality reports, we are committed to delivering our results in a very timely manner. Our results are almost always available on the same day as the examination and often within a few hours of the patient’s initial presentation. The high quality and timeliness of reports are equal to or better than those provided by services in major metropolitan centres.

Utilising our secure online service, referring doctors have access to images and reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Commitment to Improving Technology

We made it a key part of our offering to provide the community with maintained equipment levels that deliver the best outcome for the patient.

A recent example of this commitment is that we have almost completed the upgrade of our CT scanners across our entire group. The new scanners have many new applications but more importantly these new scanners perform the examinations at a substantially reduced radiation dose to our patients.

Looking after our Future.

Alpenglow Australia is proud to be affiliated with Image Gently to ensure Paediatric Imaging is safe and effective for all our younger patients.

Locations across Regional New South Wales and Queensland

Important news and announcements

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    Meet Jason Yeo, our new Reporting Radiologist

    We are excited to welcome Dr Jason Yeo to our team as one of our Associate Consultant Radiologists. Dr Jason Yeo has a wealth of experience in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. To learn more about […]

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  • Opening of Two Alpenglow Locations in Queensland
    Opening of Two Alpenglow Locations in Queensland
    Opening of Two Alpenglow Locations in Queensland
    Opening of Two Alpenglow Locations in Queensland

    Opening of Two Alpenglow Locations in Queensland

    We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Rural Radiology practices with the opening of Goondiwindi Diagnostic Imaging and Warwick Diagnostic Imaging. Our new sites will open in late 2015. We look forward to […]

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    Inverell Diagnostic Imaging now offering DEXA scans.

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